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Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Ring - 6.45ct

Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Ring - 6.45ct

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Thanks to its transparency and naturally brilliant blue colour, this 6.45 carat oval aquamarine, surrounded by .48 of flawless diamonds and set in 18 karat gold, is breath-taking in appearance and rarity. Expertly cut to maximize the feature stone’s outstanding qualities, this ring is designed to move air.

Organically exquisite, this unique stone boasts a pale blue hue, resembling that of sea water. Belonging to the beryl family, whose other varieties include emerald and morganite, this exceptional piece looks good on any finger – and its size and translucency will command the attention of any collector.

It might not be a blue diamond, but it sure will have people wondering if it is.


Hand-delivery available worldwide. Please contact for more information.

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