Sustainable Diamonds

Hearts, Spades, Clubs...and Diamonds. 
A country club you ask?  Why no.
Welcome to our sustainable and conflict-free diamonds atelier. 
If you dream it, we can build it. 
No matter how big.

Committed to excellence in colour, clarity and certification, Carson Gray Jewels offers bespoke pieces using any stone size, shape and setting you want; we can also help guide the design process, manifesting your perfect creation in gold or platinum.
Made for any hand, finger, neck, ear, wrist or ankle, we don’t judge. We just offer best-in-class, showstopping diamonds that will rock anyone’s world – 
all whilst causing less harm to our own.

The GIA has stated that lab-grown diamonds have an identical composition to natural diamonds, making them virtually impossible to be told apart – even by the pros. 
The key differences? 
The amount of time it takes to make them…and the price tag.